Phone Power my VOIP provider 1 year later

I’m not sure why Phone Power isn’t more of a household name as a digital phone provider. Years ago I debated for several months whether I should jump on the VOIP ( Voice Over IP ) bandwagon. Many hardcore geeks were giving this technology a test. Everyone was raving about monthly savings. But this technology was still in early stages and you would read horror stories of troubles early adopters occasionally ran into. I think most people agree one of the things you don’t want to play games with is your phone service.

After much debate I took leap to VOIP in February 2004. I chose Broadvox Direct as our provider. At time Vonage and several other lesser known providers were all the rage. Do to entry cost and smooth song and dance of company representative I went with BVD. Keep in mind that person claimed to be President of company only to later claim they never did so and that they were only CTO. Either way I was happy with my Broadvox Direct VOIP for a number of years. Since I got in on ground floor I had a great entry level monthly price and there weren’t any major technical problems.

Broadvox Direct never lived up to hype. Many promises of service offerings never came to reality. Not that big of an issue since dial tone always worked and monthly price was nice compared to competition. Broadvox Direct didn’t take home market seriously. I think company was geared more towards being a business VOIP provider. At times this was evident do to some customer service complaints. For me service worked and I rarely had to contact support.

It shouldn’t have surprised me in 2009 when I found out Broadvox Direct had decided to sell it’s residential customers to another company. Notice to customers didn’t exist. Needless to say I was less than pleased with how process came about. Since I had never heard of company we were being sold to I was even more on edge. That company was Phone Power. I wrote about the transition on September 29, 2009. I’ve been a Phone Power customer since that date.

I always hate giving any service or product a rave review. I’m always afraid karma will come back to bite me and what was great will turn to garbage. What I’ll say now is that up to this point I’ve been very happy with Phone Power as my telephone provider. Dial tone is always there, price is very reasonable and I’ve never had a need to contact their support.

Many people have started to make switch to VOIP. I’d say majority have either done so through their cable company or Vonage. Most cable and phone companies were very late to game in regards to offering consumer VOIP services. This allowed Vonage and many smaller providers to get a foothold in market. Many of those providers have come and gone now that the bigger well known names decided to take consumer VOIP seriously.

If I was in market for VOIP service right now I’d choose Phone Power. You get same call quality for less money than your cable or traditional phone company. Only benefit to going with cable or old phone provider is a battery back up for your VOIP adapter. Many smaller companies still don’t offer an adapter with a battery. You can invest in a UPS ( Uninterruptible Power Supply ) to resolve this problem. It’s my opinion that since these have come down in price every computer owner who can afford one should have a UPS.

Phone Power offers quality calls at a very inexpensive price. Their customer portal is easy to use and has a wide variety of features. You will definitely be in control of who calls your home with these options. They are currently testing a softphone feature. I’ll use their description of this service.

Manage Your Softphone

Phone Power is now offering a downloadable softphone for our customers, so you can take our award-winning service with you on the go. Just choose “Enable” on the line(s) you want to use on your softphone and then follow the link to download the softphone. You cannot download the softphone until you enable at least one line to use it.

Basically you download this to your computer and using a headset you can call anyone using your Phone Power number. Granted for many people with friends and family packages on their cell phone a softphone might not seem handy. But I’ll definitely be giving it a spin on our laptop next time I take a long trip.

It’s rare that I get surprised – especially in a good way. I truly thought transition from Broadvox Direct to Phone Power would be a disaster. Luckily so far it has been exactly the opposite. If your currently looking for a VOIP provider you should definitely give this company consideration.

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