Polar Rose Gnomedex 2007

Polar Rose the company rumored to have been purchased by Apple for $29 million was a Gnomedex 07 sponsor. I looked through all of my pictures from that year but couldn’t find a photo of their vendor booth. So I just took pictures of the Gnomedex 2007 program and included photos with their logo. I could have sworn I had some Polar Rose swag around here somewhere.

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Jason Calacanis speaking at Gnomedex 7 Friday Day 1

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Josh and Ticia Seattle Aquarium Gnomedex 2007

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Gnomedex People Gallery Polar Rose

Polar Rose no longer has the Gnomedex 2007 gallery working. Still a good read there.

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Polar Rose Debuts At Gnomedex

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The Gillmor Gang at Gnomedex

Gnomedex 2007 – Wrap Up

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The Gillmor Gang

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