My VOIP provider changes my phone number without warning

I’ve been wanting to rant and rave about this for a few days now. But with all issues in regards to moving this site and trying to figure out why since June my broadband connection has lost almost 75% of it’s download speed. Has kept me just a little sidetracked.

Now granted this change of phone number is only off one digit. I’m not sure if this was just an input error by someone manually inputting information. Or if this change happened do to a technical reason / glitch.

All I know is that my VOIP provider Broadvox Direct in no way notified me that this change was going to occur or that it in fact had taken place.

This is an example of why many people feel government regulation needs to be put in place in regards to Voice Over IP. I honestly don’t feel it would have been to much of a hassle to have an automated attendant leave a voicemail alerting us to this change.

I’m not aware of receiving any email notice. Then again email is still down. Thanks GoDaddy – Can you feel the sarcasm there?

Only reason we became aware of this. Was fact that two different people alerted us that our number was now coming up different on their caller ID.

If this had been an old fashion telco. We would have a little bit of recourse in regards to this issue. Honestly not much would probably get done with the matter without some pushing. But at least some laws are in place in regards to number switching without notice.

This wasn’t a slamming situation.Number is still with same provider. It has just changed by one digit without notice – Rather inconvenient. And luckily no major problems have arisen do to this change.

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For more on this have a look at my forum post below.

[Broadvox Direct] Phone number changed

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