Greenthoughts Garden Old State Capitol Farmers Market

This picture was taken at the Old State Capitol Farmers Market in downtown Springfield Illinois. I thought I’d taken a picture of the stand with only the vendor present. I’m not finding any photos like that. So I went with these two. I had planned on using the picture with the bike as soon as I took it. From what I overheard it sounded like the guy on the bike was a friend who stops by the stand when it’s there.

I’ve only ventured out to the Old State Capitol Farmers Market twice this year. This is actually the first time I have shown support for this event. There is another farmers market that is held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

There seem to be several vendors selling natural soaps. I haven’t really taken a look at what they offer since I purchase my handmade soaps elsewhere. I’d just received my order from Treasures from the Heartland the day we went to the market. So we didn’t have an excuse to pickup any that Saturday.

From a quick look at the Greenthoughts Garden website it looks as if they offer a slightly bigger selection than Heartland. The handmade soap market seems to be a niche market that is seeing growth. It would be interesting to find out how successful these operations are. Then again they must make some money because they all seem to stay in business.

I’ll include a link to the Greenthoughts Garden website along with some previous articles. Please take the time to have a look at Greenthoughts Garden’s product selection.

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Green Thoughts Garden herbal soaps with Comfrey Comfort herbal balm

Green Thoughts Garden Hand Crafted Herbal Soaps

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Treasures from the Heartland inside Walnut Grove Farm barn

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Afterthought Farm Old State Capitol Farmers Market

Greenthoughts Garden Hand Crafted Herbal Soaps, Balms, Body Oils and Botanical Skin Care Products

Downtown Springfield – Farmer’s Market

Illinois Products Farmers’ Market

Fair market value

Green Thoughts Garden Facebook

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