Mighty Leaf Tea Rainforest Mate Organic African Nectar

Mighty Leaf Tea Rainforest Mate Organic African Nectar

The packages above are the Mighty Leaf Tea Rainforest Mate and Organic African Nectar I ordered this month. This is the second time I’ve purchased Organic African Nectar. I have never ordered or tasted the Rainforest Mate.

The description sounded like it should taste good.

Spice and fruit unite in Rainforest Maté tea, a unique mate herbal tea composed of energizing maté tea, licorice, spices, rosehips and pineapple chunks that revitalizes when brewed. Maté tea is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and contains natural caffeine, which affects the body differently than regular caffeine, both calming the nerves and bringing about an energetic lift.

Granted I’ve yet to find any brand of tea that has lived up to the description. Most that claim to have bold flavors normally turn out to be much less intense than advertised.

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