Did you get a Nissan LEAF in the mail

Yesterday the only piece of mail we got came from Nissan. I hadn’t been expecting anything from them. Honestly it’s kind of silly to even market to me considering I won’t be able to purchase this electric car for over a year.  I’m not a big fan of the limited rollout schedules for the LEAF or Chevy Volt. Although I do understand the logic behind the concept. Nissan did finally get a clue and announced a LEAF tour that will display the car in more States than the previous promotion.

The picture above shows only a small portion of what was included in the envelope.  I don’t think there is anything within the materials that most people don’t already know. Tesla Motors in the past has sent some really cool “care packages” or what some of us call swag to reservation holders. Then again those customers make a much larger down payment in return for those items. You can’t really expect a motherload of cool stuff for a $99 deposit.

Basically you get a mini brochure with well known information that you can find all over the Internet. If you received this package you also got some cool stickers. No information on when the Nissan LEAF would be coming to my area. There were no details in regards to the upcoming national tour. Not one mention of – would you like to take a test drive here is how.

I have a better chance of going down the road and getting a test drive in Illuminati Motor Works electric car Seven than a Nissan LEAF. Then again I’d have to pay IMW around $150,000 to get a twin of the car they manufactured from the ground up.

Update 9/12/2017

Seven years later and I’m still not an owner of an electric car. I do have a Tesla Model 3 reservation placed. Doubtful I’ll see enough money in near future to make that purchase.

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