Google gets sued for porn

Adult entertainment site sues Google. If this site ask for a login use BugMeNot. “A website that sells photos of naked women is suing Google, alleging that the online search engine leader is destroying its business by distributing links and passwords that provide free glimpses of the nude models. California-based company Perfect 10 is seeking unspecified damages from Google for alleged copyright infringement. Google spokesman Steve Langdon declined to comment today, saying the company hadn't seen the suit yet. The civil complaint, filed late last week in Los Angeles federal court, revolves around some of the graphic imagery found through Google's search engine.” You may have seen some of these models on Showtime PERFECT 10 MODEL BOXING  Slashdot  Porn Site Sues Google Over Linked Images  Adult Site Sues Google for Infringement  Perfect 10 claims Google gives it away  Perfect 10 Takes Aim At Google

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