Extreme Storm Chasing Meteorologist Reed Timmer coming to Illinois College today

Meteorologist Reed Timmer from the Discovery Channel’s “Storm Chasers” will be in Jacksonville Illinois today. Illinois College will host the program “Extreme Storm Chasing” – Monday, October 4, at 11 a.m. in Rammelkamp Chapel. This is an event that I would love to attend. Unfortunately I’m not feeling well and our Chevy Aveo needs to get into a mechanic. I’m actually upset I won’t be present. While I’m not a weather geek I’d be interested to hear this person speak. It’s not often someone like this is just 30 minutes away from your home.

Long time readers should remember my interview with Weatherbug CTO Chris Sloop and Mark Hoekzema, Chief Meteorologist for WeatherBug. That article is one I’m very proud of. I’ve always tried to provide interesting topics while hopefully educating readers on subjects. I think the questions, answers and links within that interview do a very good job of helping readers to understand weather from another perspective.

I’d love to attend the Illinois College event – take pictures and come back with a good article to match the one above. I’m just not feeling up to driving and couldn’t find anyone interested in attending with me later this morning.

Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers

This is a very long article but well worth taking the time to read and explore. I should once again thank Chris and Mark for taking the time to answer my questions.

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I would love to see their storm chasing vehicle the Dominator. The vehicle some feel it is based on ( Tornado Intercept Vehicle TIV ) reminds me of Illuminati Motor Works electric car Seven.

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On the way to Sugar Grove, Illinois for the talk at Waubonsee CC Twitter @Reed Timmer

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Frustrates me that once again I offered a good article with a ton of educational content on the subject and have gotten no acknowledgments for my efforts. Just shows only traditional media is seen as having value by celebrities.