ReadyBoost the cheapest way to improve your computers performance

For years many technology writers have stated RAM was the cheapest way to improve your computers performance. That advice has changed slightly now that flash memory has become abundant and less expensive. Since Vista Microsoft has encouraged using flash memory to increase system performance. The process known as ReadyBoost was introduced with the release of the Vista operating system. When I first read about ReadyBoost I thought this would definitely be a game changer. Unfortunately I think it’s probably one of the least used or known performance tweaks.

My experience with ReadyBoost has been mixed. When I originally tested this process I had success. Then after a Microsoft update my choice of flash memory no long worked for ReadyBoost. At the time flash memory prices were still high and I didn’t have the extra cash to purchase new memory. A few years later I would give ReadyBoost another spin using a 4GB SD card. That went well until I took that card on a trip and used it in my camera. I guess there had been to many read writes to the device and it went bad while I was transferring pictures to a laptop. With flash memory you have a limited amount of read and writes. There comes a point where the card will stop functioning. As far as I’m aware there is no way to determine when this is about to take place. With a traditional hard drive you can normally tell by sound.

Recently I became aggravated with my machines performance. Although I have 4GB of Corsair RAM installed my chosen browser SeaMonkey would hang when I put it to heavy use. I like to have a very large number of windows open at once. I absolutely hate tabbed browsing. The number of browser windows open of course takes a toll on your RAM resources. So I decided it was time to give ReadyBoost another shot. After some reading and tweaking I’m now seeing awesome results.

Here is what I have done. I took a 16GB Transcend SD card and formated it as NTFS. I’m not using all of the Flash Memory as cache. I’m using about 9GB of the capacity. Another portion of that card is being used as browser cache. Any aggravation with browser lock up or lag has been completely resolved by using ReadyBoost.

With Flash memory being fairly inexpensive this is a cheap way to improve computer performance. Granted you should be taking steps to reduce bloat, unused programs and malware from accessing your machine. But if you have a well built PC needing a boost investing in Flash memory and using ReadyBoost might be an easy fix for little money.

Unfortunately most people abuse their machines by not reducing the bloat and loading garbage software. I’ve seen plenty of machines that haven’t been properly taken care of by their owners. Computer users can’t seem to learn that machines need basic maintenance a few times a year. No amount of ReadyBoost will resolve the performance issues these people are experiencing.

If your are looking for a performance increase without replacing parts giving ReadyBoost a spin would be worthwhile.

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