Black Cherry Dr Zevia

Black Cherry Dr Zevia

The picture above shows two Zevia Natural Soda flavors I’ve never seen available in Springfield. These cans of Zevia were purchased at a Whole Foods Market in St Louis. The Black Cherry delivers the taste you would expect. Dr. Zevia is a mellow version of Dr. Pepper. Zevia along with Mighty Leaf Tea are the two drink products we purchase regularly. Phix Energy is supposed to be sent monthly. For a few months now that hasn’t been working as it should.

Thousands of Zevia® fans demanded Zevia Natural Black Cherry. Deliciously infused with 100% natural flavors from geraniums, clove buds, and spice oil from the bark of the cassia tree, Zevia® Natural Black Cherry is naturally sweetened with stevia and made without caffeine. Zevia® Natural Black Cherry is the all-natural people’s choice for healthy diet soda refreshment.

Just what the doctor ordered … all natural, zero calories, with the perfect blend of natural ingredients including real cherry essence, cola nut extract and a delicious infusion of nutmeg, clove, and natural spices. The taste of Dr. Zevia might remind you of that “other doctor” you once loved. Dr. Zevia is naturally caffeinated (caffeine from coffee) and naturally sweetened with stevia.

This is another Zevia flavor that we drink often in our home.

Zevia Natural Root Beer has the traditional rich, creamy flavor you can expect from a root beer, but is enhanced with the unmistakable bite of an exotic blend of natural oils and extracts. Zevia Natural Root Beer puts its own spin on the taste root beer lovers crave with a sweet aroma and a deep color from natural GMO free caramel color. Zevia was created for diet soda lovers who want something natural without calories. Made with pure ingredients, like stevia, an herb known for centuries as “sweet leaf”.

ZEVIA soda

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