Thermaltake SR200 Liquid Reservoir My liquid cooling system redesigned

These are pictures of the redesign work I’ve done on my liquid cooling system. Actually these photos are already out of date. I’ve changed a few things since I did the rebuild. This was a complete overhaul of the tubing route and many of the components that made up the original system. I mentioned in earlier articles that I want to reroute the tubing. That has been accomplished with the help of a few Y splitters.

If you look really hard in the top left corner you can see I’ve installed a new power supply. I’m now using a Ultra X4 1050-Watt Modular Power Supply. I finally made the long overdue jump to modular. This power unit also provides enough juice to last several more upgrade cycles.

Since taking these photos I’ve swapped out the top left case fan. The new fan is the same model as what you see on the right.

For those of you paying attention I bet you have noticed that the tubing seems to be heading pretty far outside the case. I’m now running an external Thermaltake TMG2 radiator.

The small black box below the left case fan is the temperature Indicator for my Thermaltake Flow TX Plus. This readout measures the temps of the liquid leaving the radiator and going back into the machine.

This rebuild almost ended in disaster. I cut a bunch of tubing during the process. While putting all the parts back together I used a tube I shouldn’t have. I slit it earlier to remove it. When looking for a certain length tube I picked that one up and used it. Of course I didn’t realize this until it was to late.

When starting the system back up for the first time I realized I had a leak = disaster. Luckily I use PrimoChill PC ICE Non-Conductive Water Cooling Fluid. If I had been using anything else I bet I would have had major component damage. The leak was coming from the slit tube I connected to my hard drive cooler. You can imagine how I seriously freaked out.

Once I figured out the source of the problem I went about cleaning things up and rebuilding what needed fixed. The second go around went much smoother.

The lesson should be don’t rebuild systems when you are aggravated and tired. I had gone over all the components before turning the machine on. But I missed the slit in the tube. When using liquid cooling you can’t afford to miss these things.

With my massive screwup resolved I gave the rebuilt machine another test. I’m happy to report the system has been running smoothly for several months now.

For readers who didn’t see the machine before or those of you who would like to compare the designs – I’ll include my older articles below.

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Thermaltake SR200 Liquid Reservoir with P500 Pump in use

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Here are some articles & pictures showing my original liquid cooling setup. You can see how the system has evolved.

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Cleaned rebuilt parts added sent back to the owner

Update July 2 2011

As of June 2011 my system no longer looks like what is pictured above. The liquid cooling system has been updated and 2 new hard drives have been installed. I’m only cooling one drive now instead of two.

Corsair V64 Nova 64GB Solid State Drive SATA II

Western Digital WD20EARS Caviar Green Hard Drive 2TB 3.5 SATA-3G