Cloud 9 Paragliding instructor truck parked in LeClaire Iowa

Cloud 9 paragliding instructor truck parked in LeClaire Iowa

I’m not sure what a Utah paragliding company truck is doing parked around the corner from the American Pickers. All I do know is the driver is a long way from home. I stayed in Salt Lake City twice about two years ago. One of the ways to get to Las Vegas on Amtrak is riding the California Zephyr to Utah. Then catching a Greyhound bus to Vegas. Cheryl & I also drove through Salt Lake twice in 2004 when heading out to Lake Tahoe for Gnomedex.

The SUV above was parked just a few feet from the house with number 115. Right behind that home is where you will find Antique Archaeology. No one came out to ask me why I was taking pictures or to give me background information. I’d venture a guess that this neighborhood is now used to strange people walking around taking photos.

The picture below was taken when we drove right passed the location we were looking for. I had been taking shots from inside the car while we drove around. Since it was overcast that day some of the photos turned out less than spectacular.

American Pickers

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Cloud 9 Paragliding About Us

Cloud 9 continues to be the largest paragliding school in the United States, growing every year. Training pilots is what we do every day, come see us for your first lesson or advanced mountain clinic.

Paragliding – Wikipedia

Update 7/8/2011

The owner of this truck saw the photo in Google images. He then contacted me on Facebook. I just figured out today that he was the owner after checking a FB message. I figured if the owner ever came across the photos they’d just leave a comment below. Either way – cool that I now have a name to match up with the truck.

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