Red White Chicken Bridges Restaurant Princeton Iowa

During our American Pickers adventure we ended up in Princeton Iowa. We were looking for some place to pull over when both of us spotted this red & white chicken on top of a building. I knew this is where we had to stop. Anyone who has lived in Central Illinois for any amount of time will be familiar with Krekel’s Chicken Cars. Mr. Krekel had a metal barn with the name Krekel’s Chicken Coop on it to store these treasures. When I saw this icon in Princeton Krekel’s was the first thing that came to mind.

Unfortunately I can’t find any information online about Bridges Restaurant. What I can tell you is that the business is closed. I’d assume that it may have been ran by the people who run Bridges Catering which is still in operation.

The photo above was one I took while driving by this location. We parked a few doors down across from the marina. I then got out and took more pictures of the buildings in downtown Princeton Iowa. You will find Princeton just a few miles down the road after leaving LeClaire Iowa.

American Pickers

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1 thought on “Red White Chicken Bridges Restaurant Princeton Iowa”

  1. In December of 2004 my family leased bridges restaurant from John Bridges(owner of Bridges Catering) right next door. This place was an amazing place to eat, laugh and be with the family after times got hard and the economy went bad we had to let it go. It is now part of the catering business. But someday one of my dreams is to start that restaurant up again just like it used to be. What the chicken stands for is the broasted(fried) chicken they are known for. It is literally the best chicken you will ever eat in your LIFE! Bridges catering still makes it and it is definitely worth the money. I came across this picture and website while doing a project for school. Thank you it definitely rekindled some old feelings.

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