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Once again my life is being made miserable by a WordPress theme. Supposedly there are themes available that will remember your settings when updating. Apparently I can never find one of those I like. Suffusion is suppose to be an easy to use, set it and forget it theme. It has a wide range of options that you can select. Sounds great right? Far from it. Once again when just wanting to get the basics done I have to head to code. For all the advancements & supposed new features in WordPress one constant remains. What an absolute pain in the ass it is to upgrade a theme without wasting a day or more.

You tend to see wisecracking jerks make comments when users express frustration. Keep in mind I must be somewhat technically minded. Considering I have no problems running almost every technical aspect of this website. I’ve said this for years – the one thing I know is ease of use and functionality. WordPress themes basically fail miserably in this department. Of course your not allowed to state your opinion about this. Because if you do the Open Source Community goes all postal on you and tells you do it yourself if you think you can do better. Or they tear into you for not appreciating the efforts and time developers have put into making the theme, plugin, source code update or new feature.

All I know is that by not making the update process seamless you are creating a security problem for WordPress. Who wants to update a theme if they know it’s going to be a major pain in the ass? No one is going to update even if it is to prevent a security hole. I’d be the first to acknowledge WordPress has made significant improvements in regards to make it easier for everyday users to have control of their site. I’m not seeing that in regards to theme updates.

There are still to many hardcore geeks out there who don’t get what many users are saying. They see this as a lack of skills or education. Instead of having the brains to understand that the WordPress product is being used by a much larger segment of the population – not just code happy geeks. Personally for all the benefits of WordPress – I’m tired of not being able to do simple things easily. I shouldn’t have to pay for some premium theme just to stop this raging headache I now have because I chose to upgrade my current theme.

I shouldn’t have to spend all day in a help forum, doing searches or banging my head against a wall just because I want to use the latest version of my chosen theme. Developers & coders for some reason can’t seem to grasp this common sense concept.

Comments below are working but text and backgrounds for buttons are screwed up. I’ve been unable to come up with a solution to provide post dates. I have code that is suppose to provide this using text. But it looks just as crappy as the date icon feature in Suffusion. No matter what I have tried I can’t get the text to display properly with the icon.

I don’t want some cluttered catastrophe of a website. You can get that on almost every other website online. I just want a nice basic easy to use design. Unfortunately tweaking themes so that the font is actually readable and getting everything else to match ends up being a major frustration. I’d prefer to be writing instead of having to deal with design problems.

Products and services should “just work”. Customers shouldn’t be forced to figure out how to get what they want out of your product or service. It should be designed well enough to allow for a smooth customer interaction.

At this time I’m going to have to step away from this problem. The few things that I see as broken I will get to fixing ASAP after a bit of a break.

I’d venture a guess that someone would mention the import export feature of Suffusion. In my opinion I shouldn’t have to backup my settings just to re-enable them after installing the latest version of the theme. The theme should be able to complete an upgrade without wiping out all custom design settings.

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You can see on themes homepage that text within date icon looks cluttered. So I’d assume what I’m seeing is actually by design.

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Current list of problems with my Suffusion installation.

Comments area completely screwed visually.

Your Comment tab which is working within comment section. Text is not displaying properly within icon. This might be a simple fix in CSS of reducing text size for that portion of comment code.

Date icon doesn’t display month day year within the icon properly. No matter how many changes I’ve made in the CSS. I’ve misplaced the code that will display that information as text only. Doesn’t really matter because that code didn’t seem to display the data in a visually pleasing way.

Having a ton of options is great. But leads to aggravation when trying to achieve basic goals. Nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out which setting relates to what. Changing setting reviewing changes after clearing browser cache & repeating endlessly until you find the option that correlates to what you want changed.

Even though I have selected not to show older newer comments option it is still displaying this way.

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Here is something to keep in mind when updating this theme.

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