Suffusion WordPress Theme updates to version 3.6.9

Unfortunately this latest version of the Suffusion WordPress theme doesn’t address any of my concerns. The default font is way to small for any website or your average reader. Although there are all types of settings to tweak using the Suffusion control panel – I’m not seeing an area to increase or set the font size. So I have to go into the theme editor and manually adjust the size within the CSS code.

A similar problem exist for the visual presentation of the comments area. There is nowhere to increase or decrease text or label size. When label size is increased to a reasonable reading font it doesn’t properly fit the background icon. All of this has to be adjusted with the theme code not using the Suffusion control panel. There are certain labels I have no need for. Instead of being able to check them off to not show within control panel I have to again head back to hard coding. The name, URL and submit tabs currently aren’t looking proper & aren’t sized at a readable level. So now I have to take time to hassle with code to try and achieve the look I want.

I haven’t even bothered trying to deal with the look and feel of the date tab. Honestly I want to bring the date label back for several reasons. But visually it wouldn’t look right at this time.

The aggravating part of hard coding these changes is that they don’t stay in place after an update. So every time I have to go back in and make these same exact changes after each new build is released. If I could make these changes using the control panel the settings would be saved and I wouldn’t be hassled.

To solve some of my initial aggravation I have just deleted what is giving me problems. This actually achieves 2 goals. One to provide readers with a simple easy to read and use interface. The second is to reduce overall clutter and unused or needed “features”. Since I allow anonymous comments in almost all articles it is pointless to have an email tab. I don’t need or want your email address. In most cases readers don’t provide valid addresses anyway. I have spam filters to deal with the abusive idiots. So the email address really isn’t needed. A comment area label seems redundant to me. Readers are smart enough to figure out where the comment area is – they see the submit button etc. There is no need to label the area to guide them. Just more clutter and another tab to try and get to look visually right.

The Suffusion WordPress theme has an overload of features which I’m sure meet many website owners needs. But my feeling is some of the basics are missing. Making my experience with the theme frustrating and less than user friendly. I thought one of the key reasons theme developers offered control panels was to provide ease of use and functionality to reduce user aggravation. I’ve yet to come across a WordPress theme that has accomplished that goal for me.

My last experience with updating this theme a few days ago is linked below. One major positive is this theme author updates the product often. That is a sign that they take pride in what they are developing. Dedication for unpaid work should be rewarded. Theme and plugin authors rarely see users selecting the donation button as a thank you.

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