This dog loves Dairy Queen ice cream Sheridan Wyoming

This dog loves Dairy Queen ice cream Sheridan Wyoming

The picture was taken in 2006 on our way out to Gnomedex in Seattle. This would have been our first time staying in Sheridan Wyoming if I remember right. It took several years for us to find a decent hotel in that city.

The photo was taken as we sat on a bench in front of the Sheridan Dairy Queen. As far as I know this downtown location is the only DQ in that town. While we were waiting for our order the truck above pulls up. An older man gets out and heads for the order window. If I remember correctly all he ordered was an ice cream cone. Not unusual considering he was at Dairy Queen.

What was out of the ordinary is what took place when he got back in the truck. From what I remember he never took a bite of ice cream. He pointed the cone in the direction of the dog. This dog need no coaxing and dug right into licking ice cream from the cone.

In all our travels I’ve never come across this again. There was no way for me to photograph this event without being obvious. I’m sure many animal owners give their pets frozen treats from time to time. Although you really should be careful when feeding your furry companion human food. Some people food can make them very sick.

Dairy Queen Sheridan Wyoming

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The article below features the only Sheridan Wyoming hotel I would be comfortable recommending.

Fiberglass horse statue inside lobby Sheridan Wingate

The Sheridan Wingate is located just off the highway. It’s a short drive to most of the well known tourist destinations and downtown from this hotel. The Sheridan visitors center is less than a block away. A rest stop with a small museum worth viewing is directly across the street.

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