Rumored Insightbb upgrades may be coming

This is really funny in many ways. One because my household just downgraded from the plus package after waiting for this rumored plus upgrade for over two months. The phone representative swore there would be no upcoming upgrades in the near future. Do to the fact they had just done an upgrade. More details on that can be found here Insightbb just doesn't get it and Insight changes upload speeds. So once again do to lack of solid communication throughout the company. They incurred extra cost and an employee had to do extra work. If communication would have come into play. And this phone rep had been made aware of this upcoming ( yet still rumored ) upgrade. My household would have kept paying for the plus tier. Instead we downgraded. Now Insight will have to incur the cost of upgrading us. When and if the plus package gets it's long overdue upgrade. Pretty stupid and inefficient way of doing business if you ask me. Customer and employee communication has always been extremely lacking within Insight. This again is a shining example of just that. It's also one of the reasons we will no longer be using this companies cable services come Monday. If I had a choice of broadband provider. I'd honestly consider using the other provider if they offered a better or competitive product. Unfortunately my city has chosen not to use their fiber optic network by my home to it's full advantage. Even though taxpayers money paid to have that fiber laid.
I've yet to see any other of the usual sources confirm what is in this post  Inside Insight » [News] Speed increases for Insight!
But this is the same information multiple sources have been stating for several months now. So I'm inclined to believe that the post may have merit. This household won't be upgrading again until we see the actual speeds come into play. Would have been nice if Insight could have rolled this out before the holiday. Guess once again we are in a wait and see mode. If this does occur. The Insight standard tier will be highly competitive at 4000/384 at $34.95 if you have a certain tier cable package. The upgrade to 384 for the standard tier is long overdue. The Insight upgrade for that tier to 256 just wasn't competitive. The plus package after rumored upgrade will be 6000/512 for an extra $34.95 a month on top of the standard tier. Again as long as you have a certain level of cable TV from them. This is decent but not 100% competitive with offers from Insight's competition in areas they serve. Insight should have at the very least given this tier a 768 upload. It was pointed out here. That the post above in regards to a new tier upgrade. Only states that a press release will be going out on this coming Monday in regards to this. So when the actual upgrade would take place is still in question. 

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