Should you take a shower every day

Now in the part of the world I live in this will be seen as an odd question. Most everyone would answer – well of course you should take a shower every day of the week. Yet in other parts of the world taking a daily shower isn’t a common practice. This might be do to a lack of resources. Although in some regions this has more to do with regional customs.

It has been suggested that daily showers may in fact have a negative side effect. That cleaning your body each day may help to create drug resistant diseases that can’t be cured. Do to the over use of antibacterial soaps. A recent study has suggested that use of antibacterial soap is no more effective than using regular soap for a recommended period of washing time.

The other thought is that your body can’t develop immunities to disease because we aren’t allowing the body time to have to try and fight infections. It has been suggested that cavemen and our early ancestors might have had better immune systems do to their bodies having to learn how to fight disease. I tend to feel that since life expectancy has increased over the years. That this theory doesn’t hold much weight. Then again there are other factors we would need to consider in regards to mortality rates before making any solid conclusions.

Of course I’m no scientist or disease researcher. So anything I’ve stated above could be way off the mark. I’m just basing the comments above on things I’ve read. I honestly don’t feel the world be a better place with less showering.

Dear Abby recently had a reader write in about a retired husband who found out his wife didn’t shower daily. Now how the man could have been married to this woman for a good number of years without knowing this I’m not sure. But it is obvious that he hadn’t recognized any odd smells that would indicate his wife was a dirty person. Many people wrote in to say that if this hadn’t bothered the man in the past. Then it shouldn’t bother him now and that he needed to find a hobby to keep himself occupied during his retirement.

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