Defective can of ZEVIA Ginger Root Beer

Lately we have been purchasing our Zevia Natural Diet Soda from Amazon. But the other day we picked up a six pack of ZEVIA Ginger Root Beer at the County Market in Chatham Illinois. When I started to place the individual cans in our refrigerator one felt very lite. To me it felt as if the can wasn’t filled properly. I put this can along with the others in the fridge anyway. After a day of cooling in the refrigerator I took 1 ZEVIA Ginger Root Beer out to pour for Cheryl. I checked on the can that felt lite to see what it looked like. The pictures above and below is what I found. At no time had the six pack been dropped by anyone in our house. It’s a very short trip from the grocery store back to our home. So I’m not sure what caused this can to become defective. The can has no leak – so I’m at a loss to the source of the problem. I’ve never come across this previously. Other than Mighty Leaf Tea we drink a lot of Zevia.

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3 thoughts on “Defective can of ZEVIA Ginger Root Beer”

  1. AHHHHH!  Lets get you a replacement. 
    Email us for some assistance.  Sorry for the trouble but glad to hear that you are loving it!

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  2. Thank you for the quick reply. I should have stated above that all cans were in fact the proper size & dimensions when they were purchased. But the 1 can felt lite. The deformation of the can only took place after cooling in the refrigerator.

    Updated at 8:45PM Central Time

    Now I’m even more confused. I poured the contents of the deformed can into a measuring cup. The amount of liquid was 12 fluid ounces just as it should be. Yet that can felt extremely lite compared to the the other 5 in the six pack. None of the other cans deformed in our refrigerator. I’m at a loss for an explanation – it’s just one of those odd things I guess.

  3. We would love to send you a case of product to make up for the inconvenience. Please contact with your shipping address and or phone so we can get in touch with you. Or call me direct 310-202-7000.


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