Just updated Suffusion WordPress theme to latest version 3.7.1 Now in fix it mode

The latest version of Suffusion ( 3.7.1 ) seems to have broken my picture thumbnail sizes. Not sure what is going on. All I know is I’m absolutely tired of every time I update a WordPress theme things get broken and I have to spend hours fixing problems. I guess I’m going to have to read more on child themes or just learn to code. Absolutely aggravating. I don’t care how many “cool” features your theme offers etc. If it puts me through a hassle for each update cycle then it is useless to me. More to come soon.

Seriously what is this themes problem. It has now broken my thumbnail settings. This is completely ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to run to a supprot forum or read an article just to figure out what the theme author decided to break and how to fix it each time they update their product.

I need to reduce the title font and look to see what else has now become broken. Honestly I only updated because it is a good security practice to always run the latest version. Reading the theme authors article on this build points out several fixes that have been implemented. I didn’t come across how many of the basics it would break.

Suffusion WordPress Theme updates to version 3.6.9

So far I have fixed title and article text fonts. Comment area labels need fixed again – theme doesn’t remember previous settings on any of this. The photo thumbnail issue will most likely be the biggest pain to solve. I’ll never understand why coders feel the need to screw with things and break things that weren’t broken to begin with. I’m sure the author of this theme feels they are brilliant with their maze of options. But who are you to change the settings I have placed in my articles for thumb size of photos? I’ve looked around and changed a setting that logically should have solved my problem – setting is located in that maze of supposedly awesome options. Guess what folks = I got nothing = no fix. Same ignorant clueless behavior. Once again code thinking it should control me instead of the end user having control and ease of use and functionality.

Is that concept really that hard for you people who code to understand? Ease of use and functionality = don’t make users jump through hoops like circus animals.

Guess it’s time to start playing find a new theme to annoy me. I’m so tired of playing this stupid games with themes. With all of you out there “designing” these – there isn’t one of you who gets ease of use and functionality?

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Suffusion Version 3.7.1 ยป Aquoid Themes

Update 12/1/2010 2:45PM Central Time

Still no resolution to images being resized from their size settings within the article. I’ve gone back and forth on blaming Suffusion or the latest WordPress update. I’m not seeing anyone reporting this issue within various support forums. So I’m not sure why I’m the lucky person having to deal with this. All I know is that with the previous versions of Suffusion & WordPress I didn’t have this problem.