Insightbb tier upgrades confirmed

This post is an update to the one below. The tier upgrades have been confirmed by the local Springfield, IL office. The standard tier I can confirm has been upgraded in Springfield. More information on all this can be found here  Inside Insight » [News] Upgrade is here The previous related thread can always be found here Rumored Insightbb upgrades may be coming. This is the upgrade they should have released three months ago. Instead they rolled out a bandaid tier upgrade. More information can be found on that in this post  Insightbb just doesn't get it  Do to their dragging their feet. They will now be losing a highend cable customer. Their unwillingness to carry all the channels the competition ( satellite ) have. Has made me decide it's worth the risk to give a dish a try. Maybe if they would have communicated with their customer base a bit more. I wouldn't have gotten fed up and decided enough was enough. To many times of having to fight to get upgrades and new services. To many times of having to fight for information or to confirm information. Have taken there toll. It's time my household spoke with dollars. Next Monday we will be doing just that. The new upgrade is a step in the right direction. But it's a little late in my opinion. Much of the competition has had this level of service for a while now. I will say that Insights new marketing strategy on TV. Is a step in the right direction.

This story has now made the front page of BroadbandReports Insight Speed Upgrades – Official announcement will come Monday.


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