Seattle Monorail accident Trains Clip Each Other

I just rode this Monorail system in June of this year during our trip to Seattle for Gnomedex. It seems that Saturday evening two Seattle Monorail trains clipped each other while taking a curve. There were no immediate reports of injuries. But the Seattle Fire Department did use four ladder truckers to evacuate riders from the trains.

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From the article

SEATTLE — Two monorail trains collided on a curve in the tracks Saturday evening in the heart of Seattle. No injuries were immediately reported.

Seattle firefighters were helping passengers off the elevated train near Westlake Center.

About 55 people were on one train and 20 on the other, said Helen Fitzpatrick, Seattle Fire Department spokeswoman. Firefighters on four ladder trucks were helping passengers down off the tracks across the street from the Westin Hotel.

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There is a picture of the accident at that link.

From the article

A sideswipe accident between the two trains on Seattle’s monorail Saturday night will likely put the system out of service until next year.

The crash at about 7:10 p.m. sent glass flying to the street. It took nearly an hour to evacuate the 84 passengers on board the two trains. Firefighters escorted them individually down fire-truck ladders extended to the trains about 25 feet above the sidewalk.

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From the article

Two people have suffered minor injuries after a collision between two monorail trains in Seattle.

The trains scraped against each other Saturday evening at a curve in the mile-long track in downtown Seattle.

84 passengers had to be assisted down ladders from the elevated guideway.

Witnesses say the incident tore off a sliding door and broke windows in train cars.

A lengthy fight to have the system expanded to just over 10 miles was rejected by voters earlier this month.

The monorail was built for the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962.

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From the article

SEATTLE — Human error caused the Seattle monorail accident. The inbound driver failed to yield to the other train at the point where the track are too close together for passing, officials said Wednesday.

“The incident is a sad situation for all concerned and we are very relieved that no one was seriously injured,” said Stuart Rolfe, a Seattle Monorail Services partner, in a statement. “The inbound driver was an experienced individual who made some very unfortunate and costly errors.”

Seattle Police reported Wednesday that drug tests on both drivers by an independent lab showed “illegal substances were not a factor in the accident.”

This is the first time both trains have been out of commission since the monorail was built for the 1962 World’s Fair.

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