Abbay & Leatherman Robinsonville Mississippi King of the Delta Blues boyhood home

The Abbay & Leatherman cotton plantation is located at 3825 Casino Strip Resort Blvd in the town of Robinsonville ( Tunica Resorts ) Mississippi. I’d venture a guess that many of the cars passing this historic property on the way to a casino never stop. The buildings are older nondescript structures that most people wouldn’t give much of a thought to. The historic information marker is visible from the road. But in many of my travels I rarely see people stop to view these. When time permits I always try to take the time to explore these roadside attractions. You’ll normally find many interesting things while learning about the past.

I’m not a music historian by any means. I’ve not listened to a lot of blues music. What I’ve heard I normally like. The Abbay & Leatherman cotton plantation has a connection to a musician who influenced many artist long after he was gone. Robert Leroy Johnson is known by a few different names – “King of the Delta Blues” or the “Grandfather of Rock-and-Roll”. I don’t remember the marker being their during our last visit in 2007. From what I have read the historic information marker was placed at the location in 2009.

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The next link offers some pictures worth viewing. Also an interesting quote.

“Robinsonville is now a ghost town, thanks to the casinos of Tunica County.”

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