Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino Tunica Mississippi

Unfortunately all the pictures I took of the outside of this property and our hotel room at Sam’s Town got lost. I had an SD card go bad on me during our trip. I’ve been able to recover the data but need to turn it back into pictures. There are no programs available to do this when using Microsoft’s Windows 7. The picture above was taken as I was packing up the car to leave. Our room was on the 4th floor on the left of this building.

A few days ago Boyd Gaming the parent company of Sam’s Town sent me a survey. This isn’t unusual sometimes their East Peoria Illinois Par-A-Dice sends out a similar survey. What was unusual is Sam’s Town Tunica Customer Service Manager Laura F. Withers sent me an email after I completed this survey. Granted most of the email came off as a form letter reply. But I can’t remember any time where Par-A-Dice management, customer service or marketing took the time to send this type of email.

Over the years I haven’t reviewed a large number of the hotels we have stayed at. This is something I hope to change. Long time readers know that I’ve written many times about The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle.

Even before receiving the survey and email I had planned to give my thoughts on our Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino stay.

It’s my opinion that any first visit to a new hotel casino property is aggravating. I’ve yet to find a property that is laid out in any logical way to reduce first time visitor confusion. What I can tell you is this leads to very unhappy guest. Nothing worse than not known where to go or a slow check-in process when you just got done driving or traveling a long distance.

When pulling into Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino in Tunica it’s fairly easy to find the main entrance. Unfortunately that entrance is to the casino not the hotel. You have to drive a bit further up to find the hotel entrance. The free valet parking is located at the casino entrance. You can go in this location and walk back until you find a hallway heading to the left. That would get you to the hotel front desk. Of course first time guest wouldn’t know this. At the main entrance to the hotel there is no valet or greeter. This led us to believe there was no bellhop service for bags. Par-A-Dice in East Peoria ( another Boyd Property ) offers no bellhop or valet service at their hotel. The East Peoria property only offers valet at the casino which is not attached to the hotel.

As usual there is no parking at the hotel entrance. Signs state someone must be in the vehicle at all times. Makes unloading bags a risky proposition. Granted I doubt your car would be towed while checking in – but you never know. Once you enter the building it’s easy to find the check-in desk. We had no wait to check-in. That process was friendly and quick. Over the years we have mixed results when check-in to hotels. At times it’s been a nightmare. At Sam’s Town everything was smooth sailing. Only one minor hitch – the desk person didn’t ask us if we wanted help with our bags. Neither did either of the 3 bellhops off to the left. A polite – would you like help would have been welcomed.

After check-in my girlfriend headed back to the valet cage by the casino entrance to have the car parked. I headed towards the room. With a bit of a walk down a hallway finding the elevators wasn’t a problem. When I reached the 4th floor my first impression was the hallway was a bit dated ( it grew on me over our 4 night stay ). The room itself was a bit more than I expected. Definitely nicer than the free room we got across the street at the Hollywood 3 years ago. You have a good size bathroom – this is something that you don’t always get. A very large room split into two sections. You have the main area where the bed and television ( which was a smaller size flat screen ) are located. Around the corner is another seating area that had a couch with a pull out bed. We didn’t have lighting in that area.

The quality of the room and furniture seemed to be slightly better than what we got across the street at the Hollywood on our last visit to Tunica. One major plus at Sam’s Town is power outlets. This is one thing you hardly ever find in hotels anymore – especially open outlets by the bed. Granted the outlet on my side of the bed could have used a tightening down. Loose outlets that are worn out is very common even in upscale hotels.

Having a look around the room during our stay it was clean. Surprisingly there was nothing leftover / hidden within the chair or couch cushions. Maids never seem to check under cushions or beds. It’s rather disgusting what you will find leftover in some hotel rooms. The number of rooms and short amount of turnover time maids have I think are part of the problem leading to this.

Our room was close to the maids cart room. There must have been an issue with the door. Very early morning 1 or 2 AM we heard a maintenance worker trying to fix it or something else. Later on that morning other workers were trying to resolve the problem. During our stay I came across several maintenance workers moving refrigerators on our floor. Our room didn’t include a fridge. All rooms at the Par-A-Dice include a small refrigerator. This is something many hotels no longer offer. Makes bringing leftovers back to the room pointless unless you have a cooler. We knew in advance that our room had no fridge. So we did bring a cooler.