Failed Win XP Upgrade Wipes Out UK Government Agency

You can always tell when a site has a pro open source agenda. Their logic seems to go out the window. The more serious preachers at times seem like they would be prime for a cult. Actually maybe they are already in a cult. The open source cult. In my opinion maybe the focus here should be less on Microsoft and pointing more towards the IT staff. Why does it have to automatically be Microsoft's fault? IT staff can have bad days and make mistakes as well. Maybe properly preparing the machines for upgrade. Would have been a step in the right direction.  Slashdot  Failed Win XP Upgrade Wipes Out UK Government Agency  Benefits system hit by IT chaos  Call for inquiry into benefits computer crash  Interesting how only one site mentions that some or a good chunk of the blame. Might lead in the direction of the contractor EDS. “Alan Johnson, the work and pensions secretary, has ordered an internal inquiry into the role of Microsoft and the American contractors EDS, who run the ministry's network as part of a £2bn information technology deal. The disruption is the latest in a line of government technology failures and follows last week's resignation of the head of the Child Support Agency, part of Mr Johnson's empire, after the disastrous introduction of an EDS system contributed to only one in eight parents receiving the correct amount. ” I think the chances of this being more an EDS issue than Microsoft has some serious merit. “EDS over the past couple of years has been roiled by high-profile contract failures, tottering financials, and management shake-ups.”  In Search Of Agility 

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