Mighty Leaf Holiday 2010 Tea

Mighty Leaf Holiday 2010 Tea

This is the Mighty Leaf Holiday 2010 Tea I recently purchased. The package contains loose leaf tea. I use T-Sac Loose Tea Filter Bags to brew these. Some of the teas I order are pre-made refill packs. Much easier to brew but Mighty Leaf doesn’t have as much variety for those.

Like almost every package of Mighty Leaf the Holiday 2010 has a wonderful aroma when you open it. My problem has been obtaining that aroma and taste after brewing. With the Holiday 2010 the flavors seem to come through better than my previous experiences. Vanilla Bean is the only other flavor that comes close to tasting proper after I brew it. I’ve had less luck with some of the other Mighty Leaf Teas.

Mighty Leaf Tea Free Shipping on Orders $50+. Plus, free samples with every order!

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What teas did I just purchase from Mighty Leaf

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