Organic Darjeeling Estate Mighty Leaf Tea

Organic Darjeeling Estate Mighty Leaf Tea

I just brewed my first batch of Organic Darjeeling Estate last night. When opening the bag there wasn’t the usual pleasant aroma. The contents basically smelled like tea. This is the first time a Mighty Leaf product has come off as weak in the smell department. My first glass of Organic Darjeeling Estate didn’t really introduce a burst of flavor to my taste buds. The flavor isn’t unpleasant just not noteworthy. Granted some of this could be do to my brewing learning curve.

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Here is the product description. Honestly I’m not tasting or smelling the fruity. The Mighty Leaf Holiday 2010 has more a fruit smell with a slight hint of it in the taste. This was my experience after brewing it.

Black tea from Darjeeling, India, our Organic Darjeeling Estate first flush Darjeeling tea leaves are sourced from the venerable Mim estate. These silver tipped black tea leaves yield a fruity and floral flavor resulting in an aromatic and memorable cup. Picked in the spring from a 140-year-old garden, the farm is tucked away in the mountain folds of India’s Darjeeling region. Loose tea in 3 oz. bag

Mighty Leaf Holiday 2010 Tea

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