Privacy in the new ZoneAlarm 5.5

This thread at the BBR security forum has been going strong for awhile now.  Security » Privacy in the new ZoneAlarm 5.5
I have to admit with the holidays and other things. I've not had time to get back to fully read the latest post. I'm hoping to get an official response from ZoneLabs in the near future. Of course at this time I don't have that response. Until then I thought it would be worthwhile for others to read users concerns and thoughts. Keep in mind this is a great security product. In my opinion it's the best software firewall on the market. Yes I'm a member of the companies TeamZ program and I do offer great deals on the product on the left hand side of this blog. So some would say that makes me extremely biased with ulterior motives. I don't agree with the last part of that. I'd also say I don't hide the fact I'd like to sell you their software. But keep in mind I offer their competition as a choice as well. If your in need of help with any ZoneLabs product – ZoneAlarm or IM secure – please visit  Those Google ads for the product on the right make me money of course. But you'll get the same product for the same price on the left hand side of the blog. And honestly – yes I'll get a better commission. You of course don't pay a higher price do to that. The company just makes a little less. Because they pay me for the sale. With that said. Most of you reading this probably already use the product. So those ads are of no interest.

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