American Pickers fans visiting Antique Archaeology in LeClaire Iowa

Both my visits to the home of American Pickers have been on a Sunday. Yet every time I’m not the only fan of the show visiting this location. I didn’t engage in conversation with these fans. Since a decent drizzle was starting to come down I didn’t wait for them to leave the shot. These fans from Illinois didn’t stay long. They took some quick pictures and left.

American Pickers

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Route 66 Illinois and other quirky roadside attractions

King Edward Cigars sign American Pickers

American Pickers Ford Fairlane

Antique Archaeology better known as American Pickers LeClaire Iowa

American Pickers Volkswagen Type 2 Light Truck parked at Antique Archaeology

2005 Trail-Lite camper still for sale American Pickers alley

The Dance Machine – Stage 2 – Bettendorf, Iowa

2 thoughts on “American Pickers fans visiting Antique Archaeology in LeClaire Iowa”

  1. I was trying to leave a note for Mike Wolf. My Grandfather Frank Latimer invented systems for bicycles. I had an E from a lebrary outside Chicago about my Grandfathers bike. Someone had located one in Germany and had a hard time buying it. They did come to a price, they took pic’s and sent them to me. The name Latimer is on the front of the bike. He and his brothers had a seed mill in this town, they invented farm equipment. I wish I could have gotten a hold of yous guy about 20 ys ago. My father collected everything pre WWII. When I inherited the place I was flabbergasted with what to do. I gave everything away.

    1. Editors note – this website is not associated with Mike Wolfe, American Pickers or any other company involved with the production of the show. I have linked the official American Pickers website within this article – where you can find contact information for Mike Wolfe. The American Pickers FaceBook page is also a good place to try to make contact, share stories or find good resources for appraisals of items.

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