The Barrel Head is now reopened

A Springfield, IL legend has once again opened it's doors. Information I'd been given this weekend conflicted with what I had previously read in the paper. That information stated that we wouldn't see the BarrelHead reopen until the anniversary of the March tornadoes that caused all the destruction last year. This conflicted with what the local newspaper had stated previously. The paper had said it would be a late February or early March opening. In the State Journal Register this past Sunday. The business section stated the Barrel Head would be open this week. Some type of charity event will be held every day until Friday of this week. The newspaper wasn't really specific about what this is or who it will benefit. I'm not sure if this is invite only or if you can just walk right in. All I can confirm at this time. Is that people are walking into the newly built BarrelHead this evening and the parking lot is full. Now we will hear everyone start screaming about how their bar or restaurant business is going to fail do to this establishment being reopened. I'd tend to bet that after the newness wears off. The overall effect on local restraurants won't be as drastic as predicted. 

There is only one thing that really aggravates me about this reopening so far. I'm not the only one upset by this either. The owners did not leave the original sign up. This was the only thing that had seemed to fully withstand the destructive March 12, 2006 tornado. The original sign stood in place during the whole reconstruction phase. Hopefully they have it somewhere inside as a reminder of things past. Looks like once again it's – Good times with good friends.

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