Microwave oven recycling Central Illinois

Panasonic NN H765BF microwave oven back plate

Our Panasonic NN H765BF microwave oven decided to stop working yesterday. This microwave lasted roughly 4 years. We just don’t seem to have any luck finding microwave ovens that are built to last. Granted we do use a microwave heavily. While this cooking appliance might not be the healthy way to prepare food. Microwaves are quicker and use less energy than a traditional stove / oven.

It would seem our Panasonic NN H765BF just wore out. There was no electrical surge, the breaker for that outlet didn’t trip and there was no power outage. I’m not sure if any website exist that rates longevity of consumer appliances. Like many products nowadays – microwaves just don’t seem to last as long as they use to. I’m not sure if this is planned obsolescence or degraded manufacturing processes.

When we purchased the Panasonic from Best Buy the website clearly stated our old unit would be taken and properly recycled. This turned out not to be true. When the semi driver showed up with our Panasonic NN H765BF I asked him about taking our old Whirlpool MT4155SPB. He stated they didn’t do this even after being told what the website stated. Of course his comment was – why not just take it to a landfill. Unfortunately this is the typical answer most people in America would give. It’s also a key reason our Nation faces some of the problems it does.

Purchasing raw materials has become expensive and in some cases a security risk. With increased pricing for raw materials – recycling has become more cost effective. New technologies have also made it possible to turn waste into usable products. Many components can now be recovered and reused. This is a much more logical and efficient means of production. These new methods have been shown to actually reduce manufacturing cost for some products.

Much of the stuff cluttering up our garage is there because I’ve not found a way to properly recycle the items. I guess our Panasonic NN H765BF will now join our other microwaves there until I can find a legitimate recycling facility.

Of course it becomes frustrating having to purchase a new microwave every few years. What is more aggravating is trying to find a way to responsibly recycle our old microwave ovens. Searching online usually only provides options available in large cities. City, County and State waste collection days normally don’t list microwaves as being accepted.

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Panasonic NN H765BF microwave oven

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