How do you get rid of all the pre-installed crapware

This has become a question that gets asked on a daily basis multiple times in a day. Consumers are frustrated by the amount of useless crap PC vendors are pre-loading onto their machines. Yet most of these customers will just deal with the situation by doing nothing. In some cases it may aggravate them. For some the pre-installed software may in fact cause functionality issues. Even though this has to raise the support cost for the vendor. This practice will most likely not be done away with because it is profitable. The vendor will tell you it is done for your convenience. When the honest fact is they are doing it to improve their bottom line. You don’t think the pre-installed software manufacturers pay for the privilege of being added to that machine? You bet they do.

Some might even argue that this is done to offset the cost of producing machines at a lower price than the true cost. I’d tend to bet that with lowend machines this has to supplement the cost. Yes lower cost parts are used in low priced machines. Onboard video and audio is used in most cases. Which with underpowered machines can create a problem. Onboard sound has improved over the years. But for less strain on your memory and processor. You really need to have a standalone video card. This in itself can cause a problem though. Lower end machines normally have a very lacking power supply. Meaning their isn’t enough juice to support additional hardware. You then run into the problem of vendors using proprietary parts. Dell was known for using proprietary power supply connectors. So you either had to buy a more powerful one from them, get an expensive custom built power unit or buy a whole new machine. The other option is to get a new motherboard and parts the unit out. Which is what I’m trying to do with a Dell unit right now. If UPS would ever get their act together.

Here are my thoughts I added to a recent thread on this subject.

“My Acer laptop had surprisingly little pre-installed crap on it.”

Your joking right? Because mine sure seemed to have a ton of stuff on it. Mostly Acer stuff that wasn’t needed. And not complete full versions of the software they claimed were. Let us not even get into the fact about their recent security snafu. Which I personally feel many others may suffer from that issue as well. If someone would bother to check into it. With all that said. I would agree that Acer most likely loads less stuff on their machines than other vendors I’ve seen over the years.

With my Acer laptop the first thing I did was delete the partition then did a clean format. If your really wanting to make sure things got cleaned off. Use a third party utility – some which can be found for free. This will allow for the drive to be wiped multiple times and you most likely will be able to find any hidden partitions. So you can delete those as well if you wish.

I always thought the people who stated to format a new PC you just bought were crazy. Over time their opinion has won me over. Especially since vendors have continued to load more and more crap on a pre-built machine.

Building your own isn’t always the cheapest option. No matter what others might tell you. This is also may beyond the abilities of some or beyond their patience level. Personally I think most anyone could build a PC as long as they can be patient and are willing to learn. I taught myself. If I can do it most others should be able to as well.

The only issue with going the clean install route as previously mentioned above. Is that many PC manufacturers are no longer shipping the full operating system CD or DVD. Many are using a hidden partition as a restore method. In my opinion this limits what you can and can’t do. It also increases the chance that using a restore option will just have your machine looking like the vendor originally intended it to look. Not how your wanting things to be.

Just my opinion put whatever value you wish on it. I’m basing it on personal experience and what I have seen over the years.

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A quick last note. Dell not installing a bunch of crap on their machines? Since when? The last few Dell machines I have seen have been loaded with pre-installed crap. I’m almost sure there have been several threads in the Security Forum here that have covered that as well. I know of no major vendor that doesn’t follow this unfortunate practice. And they won’t stop because it is profitable for them.

I’ve never bought a pre-built from TigerDirect. Although this is who I buy the majority of my parts from. Disclaimer I am an affiliate with them and many other vendors for that matter. Others would tell you that their prices are a bit higher. The only negative is that they only ship with UPS. Who in my area just can’t seem to get things right. I just wrote about that last night.

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