3003 C B & Q locomotive Hudson Class S-4 Burlington Iowa

Over the years I’ve seen at least two other historic C B & Q locomotives. One is located in Sheridan Wyoming right across the street from the Sheridan Inn. The other can be found right next door to the Amtrak station in Galesburg Illinois. That locomotive is part of the Galesburg Railroad Museum. Our original plan the other day was to drive into Burlington to visit Amtrak . I wanted to take a few pictures then head to our next destination. We spent a little longer at the station than planned.

When I realized a bunch of Amtrak customers were entering the station I figured a train would be coming in soon. So I thought we could wait to see if that was the case. A little bit before the passenger train arrived a man who had been sitting in a van came up and asked if I was waiting for Amtrak to arrive. I guess he saw me taking pictures of the station and the 3003 C B & Q locomotive.

During our conversation I learned that this person and a Boy Scout Troop a few years back had cleaned up the inside of the Burlington Amtrak Station. There is a sign in the window stating “This place matters”. According to the man the Burlington powers that be haven’t exactly shown that to be the case. Since the clean up took place the local government who own the building have done nothing to refurbish this property. Like many Amtrak stations across the United States this one could definitely use some help in regards to returning it to it’s former glory.

Although I didn’t get the name of this man he stated he was involved with the train museum in Fort Madison, Iowa. From our conversation it sounded like he had been traveling to several Amtrak stations that day taking photos. I was told that the Amtrak Station in Fort Madison will move at some point to a new location do to flooding that takes place at the current terminal.

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  1. Our historic Santa Fe Depot is actually in the process of physically being raised, approximately 4′. This will be the new Amtrak station! We are all very excited downtown, as this is very walkable to our historic commercial district, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If you’d like more information, give us a call at 319-372-5471 and we’d be happy to help! See you in Fort Madison!

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