Do only the special people get to signup for Gnomedex 7.0

I'm a little late on getting this announcement up. But Gnomedex 7.0 has been announced and the dates and location are now solid. I previously held off on writing anything about this event do to the fact that the dates still were being worked out. Last year we were able to have our tickets in January. It's now almost the end of February and the Gnomedex site has just gone live with it's redesign. Chris hasn't announced registration as being open. And when you hit the registration button you get a notice asking you to contact the organizer for the password. Because the event is password protected. This could mean that things are being finalized. So until they are settled and going live the registration is locked down. Or this could me that things have become invite only for early registration. Or even worse that this event has become an invite only conference. I can't see this happening. Then again stranger things have taken place. As far as I'm aware no email has been sent containing a password for early signup. I'm receiving mail from this source on a daily basis. So it is unlikely I have missed it or it got lost in cyberspace.

Huge Las Vegas Deals

The dates and location for Gnomedex 7.0 are

August 9th – 11th, 2007 in Seattle, WA

Pricing is supposed to be what it was last year. I'm sure the early adopters will get the best price as they have in previous years.

Things were supposed to take place in L.A. this year. Thank goodness that plan got reversed.

Now for what I think is the interesting news. And it's probably only do to everyone's recent interest in politics. Chris has stated that Gnomedex will come back to it's roots for a special edition in 2008. He seems to think the Midwest is is a sort of ghetto hell for technology. Even though I can show him many things he uses on a daily basis that came from about 60 minutes down the road from where I live. One person who helped create one of those items in Champaign-Urbana was supposed to speak at Gnomedex 6.0 last year. But for whatever reason did not. Which was one of my biggest letdowns of that event. Chris did mention someone was ill but never named names. Either way in 2008 we may see Gnomedex come back to Des Moines, Iowa. 

IE 7 unhappy with Gnomedexers RSS feed – Iggy Uncensored

That feed seems completely dead now. Most likely do to changes being made and the fact that new attendees will be signing up. No past attendees list can be found by me this year. So it looks as if that tradition has been changed as well.

Marc Andreessen speaking at Gnomedex 6 – Iggy Uncensored

Well no he didn't and that is what really sucked. I was hoping he would talk about how he feels browser innovation has been stagnant. As I've seem him state in the past. It also would have been interesting to see if he would have opposite opinions than the creator of Firefox. Then again all he probably would have done is trash the Midwest as well.

One last note. Web 2.0 be damned. I think it is really lame that only pictures from photo sharing sites ( or the more well know “elite” attendees ) ever get any play on the main Gnomedex site. Then again I guess if you don't have the latest and greatest SLR in the geek world your expected not to be allowed to take pictures.

Where was the Real World in Seattle – Iggy Uncensored

This is Seattle's dirty little secret. They seemed embarrassed by it. They will tell you all about the sewing circle ( prostitutes ) and criminals of Seattle's past. But one mention of the Real World makes anyone from Seattle cringe. You'd think they would be more embarrassed by many other things in this city's past. This is not the case – it's just the Real World that gets them up in arms. Ask an Argosy tour guide about it when taking the Harbor Cruise. They will get sick to their stomach. I forced ours to make mention of it. This pissed Cheryl off big time that day.

Things to do in Seattle – Iggy Uncensored

Why are you going to Seattle I just don't get it – Iggy Uncensored

Just purchased my Gnomedex 6 ticket – Iggy Uncensored

Crash 2.0 – wasn't this my question – Iggy Uncensored

Iggy pissed off with a pig – photo – Iggy Uncensored

Iggy at The Edgewater Hotel Seattle 2006 – photo – Iggy Uncensored

Gnomedex 6.0 technology conference announced – Iggy Uncensored

Gnomedex 6.0 announced for Seattle, WA starting June 28th 2006 – Iggy Uncensored

Every year we go through this with Gnomedex – Iggy Uncensored

Gnomedex 2006 Keynote presenter, former Senator John Edwards announces presidential run – Iggy Uncensored

The Presidents of the United States of America –photo – Iggy Uncensored

Former Senator John Edwards at Gnomedex 2006 –photo – Iggy Uncensored

Search results for Gnomedex 6.0 Iggy Uncensored

Book your stay for Gnomedez 7.0 at The Edgewater Hotel. It's world famous, the only hotel directly on the waterfront and The Beatles stayed there as well.

Search results for Edgewater Hotel Iggy Uncensored

Gnomedex 7.0 Dates ~ Chris Pirillo

Gnomedex is not Dead ~ Chris Pirillo

Tentative Gnomedex 2007 Dates ~ Chris Pirillo

Gnomedex 7 – August 9th – 11th, 2007 in Seattle, Washington

Guess Chris doesn't feel site titles are important. He is not leading by example if he does. Each page should have a proper title. Not just some generic BS. This drives me nuts when websites do this. Or put the site name before the title or whatever crazy lame stuff you see daily on sites in regards to title usage. At least he hasn't killed the trackback yet like many other online destinations have.

Rule number 1 – create proper titles for your website – Iggy Uncensored

The official Gnomedex 7.0 website

Gnomedex 7.0 – Home

Here is a link to the company handling the Gnomedex 7 website redesign.

feedia – About Us

A quick update at 3 PM Central Time

Chris Pirillo has made contact with previous Gnomedexers. He explained the site isn't exactly golden yet. Although this morning I had no problems signing up for a site account. Open registrations will be announced when the site is fully launch ready. Past Gnomedexers should check their email today. Thanks for the update Chris.

This autumn, hundreds of the world's leading bloggers, podcasters, and tech-savvy enthusiasts will once again descend upon the city of Seattle, Washington (August 9th – 11th, 2007). The seventh Gnomedex conference is already generating a fair amount of buzz in the blogosphere, which underscores our reason to produce it. Indeed, we will once again become the crossroads between producers and observers, between users and developers. 

  • Who? Influencers, Entrepreneurs, and Enthusiasts!
  • What? A confluence of leading bloggers and new media!
  • When? August 9th – 11th, 2007!
  • Where? Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle, WA!
  • How? Now!
  • Why? Because all things are possible!

Sponsorship opportunities are still available. 

Tickets may be transfered, but not refunded.

There will likely be an open forum held on Sunday, August 12th – the day after Gnomedex. Details for this ancillary event will be announced as we know more, but will be separate from the Gnomedex conference altogether.

No mention is made of allowing for a spouse to be present at one or any of the evening events. Last year you could pay extra for your spouse or whoever you wanted to attend one such event. Before ticket prices went up for this event we always bought two. So Cheryl could attended the conference and all the associated events. It's hard enough for us to have the money for one ticket and hotel accommodations. So now it's only on ticket purchase.

Gnomedex is in August This Year  DarrenBarefoot

Gnomedex 7.0 – Event Hosted by Eventbrite

Business and Blogging – No Date Yet for Gnomedex 7.0

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