A couple more minutes until my birthday

I never got around to making my wishlist for the holidays or my birthday. I wanted to get a new one up now that TigerDirect offers that option. Way overdue for that company to put something like that into use. I can't complain to much. Even though I won't be seeing a new TV or heck even a stand for the old television. I'm really wanting to buy a lowend DLP. Just something that is at least HD Ready even if it is on the lowerend scale. I'll take 780p because many people say 1080i just isn't worth it. And 1080p is way beyond our price range. Not to mention the fact that nothing is going to really be available at this time to take advantage of the quality that type of set would produce. With that said a good portion of money was spent today. Can't talk about that until Monday though.

I really haven't been in the mood to celebrate or even go out lately. If I do venture out this evening it won't be to the usual place to celebrate. Haven't stepped foot in there for months. And honestly we don't seem to missed. So if I did head out I'm not sure where I would guide myself to. It looks as if in March I may need to consider making a couple day adventure. So money would be better spent towards that maybe. It would be nice to see more money coming in here. Although you'll never see me holding my breath to long waiting for that to happen.

Here are the facts as they always go down. I most likely won't have as much fun as I want today. Not one person in any help forum I have frequented over the years will wish me a Happy Birthday. Negative vibes will be at the ready I'm sure. Good peaceful mojo has been hard to find here lately. You won't be seeing a repeat picture taken by Waitress Ashley. Even if we do go see her. Why? Because for over a month now I have looked like hell, I haven't ventured out to get a haircut and I think I have a case of the major winter blues.

Not like I should expect much for my birthday. I'm very bad about returning the favor to anyone. Mostly do to finances. And no matter how I want to look at it. I have things to be grateful for. Although most days I don't see it that way. Either way if I was in Vegas laying down a bet. I'd tend to bet that nothing will happen or occur today that will put a smile on my face. No matter how positive of a vibe I might try and find to send out to the world. I've decided nice people generally just get screwed in the world. Not that this is any new news to most.

Iggyz Christmas Wishlist – Iggy Uncensored

Some of what is on that list is no longer valid. I could definitely put to use some flat screen LCD monitors. Two would be nice and at least 17 inches. Not trying to be to much of a size queen there. Any fairly new technology gadgets are always welcome. A Ultra Hydra 1GB MP3 Player FM/EQ/LCD Yellow would be nice. That way I can have the orange one and Cheryl will have the yellow model she wants. I just now realized the 2 GB model is only about $20 more. The car adapter for these would nice as well. The one that transmits the FM signal to your car stereo.

Heck if your not in the mood to buy for me. Please buy something for yourself. I need the commission to pay the bills and buy my own toys.

Are you wanting to buy a new computer or parts – Iggy Uncensored

Buy Computer Parts, Components, Laptop Computer Parts, Desktop Computers,
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Clicking the above link and doing a WishList search for Iggy should get you to the list I'm working on. The affiliate program is lacking a way to design a link to direct to that specific page. Something Amazon and some others are good about. Well it looks as if TigerDirect is even more clueless and didn't think about adding an easy wishlist search to the frontpage. Brilliant oversight there.

It's not as bad as it looks – Iggy Uncensored

How I started out my night last night – Iggy Uncensored

Iggyz Birthday Tomorrow – Iggy Uncensored

So what do I want for my birthday – Iggy Uncensored

It's Ashley – Iggy Uncensored

Update at 4:15 PM

My head hurts my stomach hurts and I've had little good sleep. The DHL guy woke me up about 10 AM this morning with a package for my neighbor. DHL can never get the right house but at least they get the package to the right street and at the same building. So I get back to bed and the phone rings a little bit later. I just now found out this was my Aunt wishing me a happy birthday. She missed last year which was odd. The one thing she has been good at over the years is calling everyone in the family and wishing them a happy birthday. When I finally wake for good. I see that kids are in the backyard crawling all over utility boxes and looking over a fence to see our neighbors dog. The little girl for some reason thinks it is ok to walk through the middle of the thatch tree we have out back. I often wonder who is teaching kids right from wrong nowadays. Yes I've done stupid things as a kid and adult. But I've always been held accountable for those blunders. It seems many parents today don't care. So maybe just maybe if I find the energy I may go find the shower and crawl out of the house. Then again maybe not.

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