Panasonic Prestige NN SD797S microwave oven

The Prestige NN-SD797S pictured above replaces our Panasonic NN H765BF microwave oven that recently quit on us. We purchased the NN H765BF on 5/29/06 from Best Buy online. That microwave didn’t show up until 7/13/06. Our new unit ( Panasonic Prestige NN SD797S ) was purchased from Amazon on April 07, 2011 and showed up the next day with standard shipping.

Some people have complained about not liking the dial knob. That knob replaces the standard keypad used to input cooking times etc. Honestly I’m not sure what all the fuss is about as long as it doesn’t break prematurely. Actually seems to be a slightly faster way to do things. I haven’t seen any other microwaves designed this way – there may be many – but I think it’s a unique feature.

I’m not sure the stainless steel would have been our first choice for a few reasons. One being cleaning and ease of seeing any scratches. Another would be that the unit might not fully match other appliances in our kitchen.

I hate that new microwave smell when you open the unit for the first time.

We chose Panasonic again because we were happy with our old unit. While I would have preferred it lasted longer than 4 years and a couple of months. That unit seemed to last longer than other brands we had purchased in the past. Granted one microwave that quit on us may have been do to an electrical surge brought on by lightning. What really frustrates me is the fact that manufacturers do not have a recycling program in place. I have found no information on a business, county or state recycling program. These appliances have to have valuable parts that could be recycled or rebuilt. The fact that customers just send old microwaves to landfills disgust me.

I’d venture a guess that we use a microwave more than most people. Then again I think families have moved towards using these appliances for their daily cooking needs. It’s quicker, easier and more energy efficient compared to running a large traditional stove.

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Panasonic NN H765BF microwave oven

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The last photo is of our old Panasonic NN H765BF microwave which recently quit working. All the others show the unboxing of our new Panasonic Prestige NN SD797S.