Comcast Digital Cable DVR Self Install Kit

For a very long time I’ve wanted to get a new Comcast DVR. Our old Motorola DCT6412 III had been driving me nuts. The problem in swapping to a newer unit always seemed to be a full hard drive or not having the time to go into the local office.

According to the Springfield Comcast customer service office you can no longer swap digital recording devices ( DVR ) locally. All new DVR units must be sent from a central warehouse. In that package you will receive a box and shipping label to return your old unit to Comcast. Our shipping label had a Champaign Urbana address on it if I remember correctly.

Comcast and as far as I’m aware no other provider offers a way to backup your recorded shows. So you either need to watch what you have recorded on the original DVR or deal with it being gone when you choose to upgrade. I’d venture a guess that some backup method could be created. No one has taken the time to do it so far. Unfortunate considering this is one major reason customers never upgrade older DVR units.

After having the new unit for a bit I feel the newer hardware improves the customer experience and resolves some common complaints. Although I have seen one lingering issue that pops up from time to time. The Motorola DCX3400 DVR has been a welcome addition to our house. Less problems and a larger hard drive means not having to deal with 100% capacity.

This transfer of hardware was started using Comcast customer service over the phone. It was reported to me that the service representatives were friendly and helpful. Which is a big change from years past. Although we were told we’d have to call to activate the new unit this isn’t the case. There is an activation URL that comes with the documentation inside the box. At first I thought I might have a problem using this method. But I got everything worked out and was able to activate the DVR online.

It would be nice if there were packing instructions and more shipping tape included. Since the older unit was a different size I couldn’t use the DCX3400 packaging. I had to use the included shipping box. Not a problem – except I honestly couldn’t figure out how the device should sit within the box. Most likely just a “me” issue but made a good experience a little less pleasant.

I’ll probably end up regretting these words. But the whole upgrade process went smoothly and without hassle. For once Comcast actually made me a happy customer. Never thought that could happen.

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