Motorola DCX3400 HD DVR dual tuner

We finally did a long overdue swap of our old Motorola dual tuner DCT6412 III DVR ( Digital Video Recorder ). Comcast sent us a new Motorola DCX3400 HD DVR dual tuner to replace that aging unit. We were actually one of the first customers in Springfield Illinois to get the HD ( High Definition ) dual tuner DVR when Insight Communications was our cable provider. The DVR we just replaced was the same one given to us several weeks before that initial roll-out years ago.

The Motorola DCT6412 III had been providing us with a less than pleasant customer experience. We had put off swapping the box do to figuring it would be a major hassle, not having the contents to 0% and never seeming to have time to head to the local office. Only after a telephone call did we find out that Comcast now offers self installs for DVR swaps. Meaning Comcast will send you a new DVR from a central warehouse and provide you with return shipping packaging for the older machine. I’m not sure if this is how things are done nationally or just in our region.

So far the new Motorola DCX3400 DVR is providing us with a better customer experience. The only problem that seems to have stuck around is the play pause fast forward problem. This was a very common aggravating issue with the DCT6412. I’ve seen it a few times with the DCX3400 but it doesn’t seem to stick and lockup when the issue comes up. I always argued that many of these problems were similar to memory lag seen in a computer with not enough RAM installed. For years everyone replied in forum postings that this was a headend issue. I do know that many of these issues were well known and logged on various websites. The DCX3400 so far seems to correct or not suffer from the older problems. You would of course hope a newer product was an improvement over older models.

Our new DVR comes with a 320GB hard drive. This provides the benefit of not seeing 100% capacity often when recording high definition programing. So far it looks like HD content takes 2% of drive space per show. Which is down from 5 to 6% when using the Motorola DCT6412.

One major problem we did have really isn’t related to the hardware. The time from activation until program data appeared on the new unit was extremely slow. It took a horrible amount of time to even get a few hours of programming data loaded onto the DVR. Cable providers need to greatly improve this known aggravation.

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