Damaged shipment Zevia Natural Diet Soda Ginger Ale 24 Pack

Here we go again. Our last Zevia shipment got delivered with no problems. Unfortunately our latest shipment has an issue. It’s seems Amazon thought it would be wise to include my 42 count Prilosec inside the same box as our 24 pack of Zevia Natural Diet Soda Ginger Ale. When United Parcel Service ( UPS ) delivered 2 packages of Zevia this afternoon I didn’t notice any damage. Then again I had just gotten done mowing the yard and wasn’t exactly in an attentive state of mind. Only when I started looking for my Prilosec that was do to show up today did I come across what looks to be a slightly torn shipping box. I’d venture a guess that the Prilosec had something to do with it. Normally Zevia comes in it’s own box with no other products. I’m sure Amazon was just trying to be efficient when they made this choice.

It looks like only two cans are damaged. One must have ruptured because Zevia Ginger Ale is coating the inside of the plastic. Am I the only one who gets unlucky with a Zevia order now and then? Of course these things happen it’s not that big of a deal. Just interesting that in less than one year I’ve had two problems.

Again I want to point out that Zevia went out of their way last time to make things right. It’s rare to find a company that does that nowadays. This recent event is not their fault. Bumps and bangs happen when shipping products. On the plus side my bad luck keeps earning the company positive publicity.

Our 24 pack of ZEVIA Ginger Root Beer in it’s own shipping box looks undamaged.

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Update 4/19/2011

Here is how Amazon decided to rectify the problem above. “We’re writing to let you know we processed your refund of $10.00 for your Order”

A Zevia representative responded fairly quickly to my email. The suggestion was to handle this through Amazon. That person also stated they would monitor customer feedback to make sure this wasn’t a common problem with Amazon shipping the product.

This is the first time I’ve had an issue with shipping damage when ordering our Zevia 24 packs. We normally purchase at least 2 of these each month recently.