Never met her but I saw her in her undies

Here is what you will find when you look for something out of the ordinary. When you least expected it if you pay attention to what is going on around you. You will in fact see interesting moments like this. When people go to conferences all the time they seem to get complacent. They get the oh just another city and conference attitude. Yes they network and love all the free food and drink. Yet they never seem to be aware of what is going on around them. Many don’t even care. Some would say they find the towns boring and that all big cities are the same. Below I’ll offer two examples of what you might find if you just take a little time to pay attention and maybe even step out of your comfort zone a little. Some of you have seen these before. For those of you who haven’t. I now give you the photo taking flasher at Corner Market / Pike Place in Seattle. And the twins of Anthony Michael Hall and Henry Rollins in the trunk of a car at the Ballard Locks in Seattle, Washington.

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Hey mom look at me

Why are these people in the trunk

My adventures in Seattle Washington

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