Barack Obama Mania Poker After Dark round 2

Here we go again. Doyle Brunson didn't start it this time. He said what Erik Seidel had stated on a previous show. Doyle told Daniel Negreanu that he thought Obama was an atheist. Negreanu wanted to make a bet that Obama was in fact a Christian. Daniel stated that he had just seen Senator Obama on Larry King live. Not sure when this show was taped. As far as I'm aware it's not a repeat and just aired for the first time morning ( it was in fact a repeat / rebroadcast ). Either the mania is just a massive infection or someone gets paid to bring up Obama every few episodes on Poker After Dark. Maybe NBC is trying to swing the vote. Both times I've heard Doyle speak on the subject of the Presidential Election 2008. He can't stop talking about Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama Mania has gone to far Poker After Dark – Iggy Uncensored

Snipers hanging out with Obama 08 Mobile – Iggy Uncensored

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