Greyhound states it’s the customers fault

In my local paper today Greyhound bus service basically blames the customer for their blunder. Yes I'm sure everything is clearly stated on the purchased ticket. I'm sure their legal department has made sure that the first come first served policy is fully within US law. Yet from a customer support standpoint you have to wonder how smart the company's policy is. You also have to wonder from a PR point of view how this makes Greyhound look. It sure doesn't make it seem as if they take customer satisfaction and comfort seriously. You don't have to look for a national spokesperson to figure this out. Just look right here in Springfield, IL. Granted in a case last year the manager did come from Decatur to handle the situation. But by the looks of things no policies have been put in place since to resolve such situations from occurring again. Which doesn't seem to worry the corporate office any.

It should be kept in mind that Greyhound isn't the only transportation company to take the approach of leaving customers out in the cold or heat. Amtrak doesn't exactly have a stellar record on how they handle emergency situations. Airliners are only slightly better. In most cases you will at least be able to stay in a temperature controlled terminal. Unlike what you may end up with if you have chosen Amtrak or Greyhound. There have been several cases where riders of these services have been left stranded at a terminal or out in the middle of nowhere. In each case the corporate office didn't seem to care about the lack of communication or customer backlash.

As far as I'm aware Greyhound is the only national bus service. This company is an option used by many people who are on a budget or lower income. While this isn't always the case. Many people find that Greyhound is the cheaper option when wanting to travel cross country. Just because a company offers a reasonable low cost travel option. Does this give them the right to ignore the needs of their customer? Is it ok to put all the blame on the customer when the problem originated within the company itself?

Greyhound had some weather related issues the other day. This caused some riders to be reassigned to different routes. In doing this the number of normal riders for the route was more than usual. So when the bus made it to the Springfield, IL terminal it had no room for passengers wishing to board that bus to Champaign – Urbana. Keep in mind these customers had purchased round trip tickets and were finishing the last part of that paid for journey. Keep in mind the Springfield station is not ran 24/7. So these customers where essentially left out in the cold. They had no access to enter the terminal. It had been shut down by the on duty employee.

Greyhound's response is “oh well” bad weather caused the issue. The customer should have been better prepared. We are fully covered legally by our disclosures on our websites and tickets. Who cares if our paying customers get stranded out in the cold. We don't care if those customers are if fact inconvenienced because we can't fully prepare our routes for bad weather. Why should we be concerned about the customer? It's their stupid fault for not paying attention to our ticket disclosures. As a company we have no responsibility to actually make sure these customers get to the destination they have paid to get to. It's not our job to provide the service these people have paid for. And we can leave the customer stranded and give some lame excuse in the State Journal Register all because our Terms of Service ( TOS ) says we can.

America and American companies should be ashamed of themselves. Not only as citizens are we not standing up and demanding for things to be done better. The companies currently providing services within our borders have no pride in the product they are offering. The situation faced the other day and last summer by Greyhound customers at the Springfield, IL terminal is customer service 101. Greyhound has given us a perfect example of how to fail that course. Unfortunately to many companies in this supposedly great nation of ours are following their lead. And the sad thing is they can get away with it in almost all cases. Because they aren't held legally accountable and customers have just come to expect such horrible service.

Looking at how other countries do things should make anyone who lives here ashamed. Considering at one time we were a trending setting nation. We are also supposed to be one of the most developed and advanced nations on this planet. Yet our transportation system is a mess. This includes the national highway system.

If I remember right when the Greyhound terminal was in downtown Springfield years ago it was in fact open later. The current location is far from the city center, closer to the highway and has different hours from years ago.

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