Barack Obama snipers on the Ameren CIPS Illinois Building

Keeping with the spot the snipers at the Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Run Announcement. Here is a shot of three defenders of the people and politicians. This was taken zoomed in from the corner of the old Kmart building. Which is now an apartment complex with at least one bar on the lower floor. I think Fit Club had been located there at one time after moving from the Hilton building. My brain is freezing up on what is there now. I should know this. I’m not going to go hunt the information. This location was directly behind where Obama would have been making his speech. Since he wasn’t actually on the stairs of the Old Illinois State Capital like the traditional media had erroneously reported time and again. For being digitally zoomed in I don’t think the photo turned out to bad. I’ve got another shot that is zoomed in further that only shows two people on the roof of this building. It is a closer shot of the Ameren logo that will be coming down soon. That shot doesn’t have the American flag in it though.

There doesn’t seem to be too much online in regards to the Illinois Building in Springfield. With several searches in a few places I’m not able to find any decent information on the history. The State Journal Register article in regards to the recent sale of this building will go dead soon. I’ll link to it below. Just don’t expect it to be live in a few weeks. I’m sure they will “archive it” and you’ll then be forced to pay to read the article. So not WEB 2.0 or forward thinking if you ask me.

Either way at one time the Illinois Building became the CIPS Building then Ameren bought out CIPS and put their name on the top of the building. They refurbished the spotlight that hadn’t been operational in years. So a Springfield tradition from the top of the Illinois Building was once again live do to Ameren. This company has repeatedly stated they aren’t in the business of being a landlord and that they wished to sell this building. That has now taken place. So the Ameren name will be coming off the top of this building and it will now be known once again as the Illinois Building. The new owner will be Springfield developer Bob Egizii.

The exact location of where I took this photo would be a little ways down the walk shown in the photo below.

Sniper getting ready to protect Illinois Senator Barack Obama – Iggy Uncensored

jeromeprophet Union Station Project Late October 2005

jeromeprophet Ryan Sponsler @ Art

jeromeprophet Surveillance At Barack Obama’s Presidential Bid Announcement

Look Back Springfield Look Back, Look Down

That link offers a view from the top of the Ameren building.

There is one site I’m sure has some older pictures of this building. But unfortunately the site is not performing well at this time. Not to mention I can’t find a way to effectively search for older content.

Springfield Rewind

After looking at 16 pages there I found nothing in regards to the Illinois Building. I looked twice but I still may have missed something.

You can find some historical pictures of the area this photo was taken from at the link below. It was shot just a bit further down the street towards the end of this building.

Kresge Building – 1948  Springfield Rewind

State Journal Register – Sale of Illinois Building finished

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