No Old Illinois State Capital steps for Barack Obama

Oh I know what everyone has been told time and time again. That Illinois Senator Barack Obama made his 2008 Presidential Run Announcement on the steps of the Old Illinois State Capital just like Abraham Lincoln did so many years ago. The truth is that was a flat out lie. The announcement took place on the lawn of this historic Illinois building. Both streets on the side of this location were blocked off. The crowd waiting to hear the announcement up close was filtered in on 6th street. Which is the street that Illinois Senator Barack Obama is facing. You can see the big flood light that was setup to give the television cameras the best possible lighting. The risers on the righthand side are where the traditional press and handpicked media types were located. Further to the right ( not pictured ) you would see a plaza. There used to be another one of these on the other side of the Old State Capital. But that was opened back up to traffic some years ago. The plaza that still exist has an entrance to the underground parking garage located beneath the Old Capital Complex. This is were those with a press pass would enter to get into the staging area. All other access in this area except for a very small part was blocked off to the general public.

This shot was taken roughly from the same location as the Ameren Illinois Building photo. It was zoomed in over a few people’s heads. While trying to setup a few quick pictures of this I inadvertently got in some lady’s way. She very rudely told me about it. I tried my best to stay calm and told her I was sorry. But that there was no need for her to be so rude. At this point several younger people got a good laugh at this. The rude woman had nothing else to say to me at that point. I have several shots from this angle. A few that don’t include the van. Others have the van and heads in the way. The one photo that doesn’t have either of those didn’t look clear enough to post here in my opinion. I’m fully aware this may not be the best picture ever taken. But it does give you an idea of what really went on that day. It shows how the press was setup and where the crowd was located. To me this is a more real representation of the events that took place. This shows readers here what you normally wouldn’t see on television.

The Old State Capital is on the left. The stairs are definitely empty. On the left further back is the old Bank One building. The Ameren Illinois Building is directly in the middle background. You can see the Cold Stone Creamery and Subway located on the bottom floor of that building. To the right in the background you can see the Hilton Hotel. If you zoom in you can clearly see the different media / press that were present the day of the Obama announcement.

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