Is filming suicide a documentary or a snuff film

Where do we draw the line between documentary and illegal sick content? Granted everyone’s idea of what is considered disgusting will vary from person to person. But I think most people can find a common ground on what is acceptable and what is not. In those old places called video stores and all over the internet – you can find some pretty outrageous things. Not all of these things would be considered pleasant. So what category do we put a person who decides to place cameras around the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge to record people committing suicide? Is this just an extreme documentary? Or some sicko making a snuff film? Anyone remember the Faces of Death video series from years ago? Many people watched those. Granted there was a lot of uproar about that series. While it had a large following many people felt this was just tasteless exploitation.

So does the filming of Golden Gate Bridge suicides serve a purpose? I’d say it will create debate and get people talking. So that is a good thing. But does this glorify the action of those who have jumped to their death? Does this make it look cool to the impressionable young people out there? There are plenty of┬ápeople who will watch this just as a curiosity. The question is – can anything be learned by this film? Should this film even be made available to the general public? Personally I would see it as a denial of personal freedoms if the film was squashed. Then again there is a fine line between legal and illegal when considering this content.

The movies title is simply The Bridge.

Update 7/14/2011

Sometime after writing this I did watch the film. It’s definitely worth viewing. Obviously we can still debate the ethics of filming people most certainly jumping to their death. Granted now that everyone with a phone or camera is a citizen “journalist” similar content is available on the Internet almost daily.

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This story doesn’t report both survived the fall. The woman died sometime after being rescued. Other news sources reported events this way. From what I can see this is the only news article reporting they were naked at the time of the jump.

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