Just crashed Vista

This one was my own fault. I had a very large number of browser windows open. About 60 in IE 7 64 bit and maybe another 11 in IE 7 32 bit. These were just different things I wanted to work on and include in post. I have a bad habit of not getting back to things as quickly as I want. Normally I just bookmark these into a special folder for that month. I have many of these that I have never made it back to. From time to time stuff that is in them finally makes it's way here. So I had a few IE windows open, was running Paltalk, a few IRC channels were open, ĀµTorrent was cranking out – then I tried to view a picture. Boom freeze and crash. It was a smooth crash and I was back in the mix in less than a minute. But a crash none the less. Personally I think my hardware setup should have been able to handle things. Then again I was pushing the limit without closing anything out. Considering the machine had been running for five days straight in various states of stress and non stress. Maybe it just decided it was going to try and show me it is the boss. Which is far from the case. The only thing I truly hate about a crash is that your IE history is almost always not complete when you get back from the crash. This makes it hard for me to get back to the sites I was wanting to read further or to include in an article here. I just know that I tend to get to things done if they are sitting in front of me. Versus tucked away in a folder. Thus the reason I bookmark only when I'm done with the content or when I know I'm not going to use it for anything right then.

I can say that my new machine and Vista handle a serious load much better. I'd love to max out the RAM in this machine. As it is though things have improved from XP. That operating system couldn't handle having a bunch of browser windows open for long before wanting to start acting up. Vista definitely is a step in the right direction for crazy power users with this odd habit.

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