A view of Mount Rushmore from afar

I’m not sure how many take the journey into the hills to see Mount Rushmore from a distance. I know that only a small number of people were traveling these roads when we were there that day. This picture was taken from an overlook area. The area has several viewfinders that you can put a quarter in to zoom in on Mount Rushmore and the surrounding area. There is also another overlook that gives you a great view of the trees and nature in general that surrounds this area. Cheryl had wanted to head this way the year before. Unfortunately we are always on a very tight time schedule. So we have to pick and choose what we take time to see. I can’t remember if we did this year because we missed the train or how that came about. I do know that we had left Mount Rushmore and headed towards this location. I’m almost positive we didn’t do it on the way home. I hate when my brain fries like this.

Every year we drive out to Gnomedex. We make a vacation out of it. We stop at many of the tourist destinations along the way. Some people consider some of the places we stop tourist traps. Yet we have come to enjoy these stops. So we try to make them every year.

The name of this place is Norbeck Overlook Black Hills National Forest.

You can learn more about this overlook and the surround area below.

One tunnel on the way to Norbeck Overlook – Iggy Uncensored

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Rand McNally National Parks Pocket Guide
Rand McNally National Parks Pocket Guide

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