What a natural lawn looks like

Unfortunately the lighting and focus quality are a bit off in the video. I was trying to capture how thick the grass was even after one pass of the lawn mower. I’m not sure the contrast between what was cut and what remained came through.

If you select next using the video player below. You will see a video of our lawn taken 5/18/2011. Unfortunately I didn’t get the lighting or focus set properly. I took the video quickly since it was getting late and my battery was running low. You should be able to tell that between corn gluten and vinegar we have dealt with the small amount of dandelions. The video shows that the side portion of the lawn still needs further work. Unfortunately our electric mower can only mulch so much grass. Even though I’ve done my best to deal with leftover thatch – clumps have been left causing dead zones. I’ve taken steps to reduce this problem.

I’m hoping to apply some more Ringer Lawn Restore and Safer Brand Magic Start Grass Patch Northern Area to get that part of the lawn looking nicer.

The video below also gives you a quick view of what some other lawns in the neighborhood look like. Most use conventional fertilizers ( what I like to call poisons and steroids ), “professional” lawn care services and several are all natural with no products applied.

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