Anniversary of the March 12, 2006 Central Illinois Tornadoes

Today March 12, 2007 is the anniversary for the destructive tornadoes that hit the Central Illinois region last year. It's sort of scary in a way that the Southern part of the United States just got hit with similar destruction that took many lives just a week before this date. I guess it's just that time of year and this time the devastation decided to hit further down the road. Many people tend to focus on Springfield and Jerome Illinois the most when discussing this storm. But it needs to be kept in mind that while this is where a good majority of the damage took place. There are many other surrounding communities that where hit hard by this. A week before this anniversary I posted an amateur video shot by Cheryl's sister Cathy. This showed the damage that had occurred in her old neighborhood. It surprised me that more people didn't link to or put online these type of videos. Everyone was just content with linking to all the traditional media sites. Although those same sites didn't return the favor. Which is sad considering that a good level of coverage was being given by local online writers.

Jerome yesterday had a celebration that gathered those who were victims of this storm and those that helped them. The Barrel Head which was almost completely destroyed by this storm is having their grand reopening tonight. This restaurant has been open for several weeks now though. If you can and aren't already it might be a good thing to celebrate life this evening. Show your support for local businesses that were touched by this storm.

UndoTV – Amateur video Springfield IL March 12 2006 tornado damage – Iggy Uncensored

Westchester home featured on CNN – Iggy Uncensored

The Barrel Head is now reopened – Iggy Uncensored

To see all the coverage from myself and many others the week of this tornado and the following one just a few weeks later. Please use the link below.

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Springfield tornadoes One Year later Monday, March 12, 2007 State Journal Register

How they set this up is stupid in my opinion. Although I'm sure their web design team thinks it is brilliant. There is no warning. So keep in mind this will pop up another window in which the media content will be played. That link is to the main page since I can't find a solo page they have dedicated to the storm. Let us not even get into the fact that they are following the lead of many lame sites and their titles aren't setup in a user friendly manner.

Jerome shows its pride State Journal Register

Officials reflect on what the storm taught them State Journal Register

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