150 dollar labor charge for a recall issue to be fixed – Chevrolet Aveo

Just when you think you have seen every way someone can really screw a person over. You find out that no you haven’t in fact seen everything just yet. People sometimes think I’m not a very patient person. They don’t understand that I have a decent amount of tolerance for problems to a point. I’m going against the title of this site and censoring myself a bit here. I do however tend to blow up after a good amount of time dealing with an issue. Especially when I’ve asked someone to take care of it time and time again. This all started really early this morning. After a evening of going out to eat at The BarrelHead I was planning on going to the gym. About 1:30 this morning I was heading that way. Imagine my surprise when the car wouldn’t come out of park. Can’t very well leave the garage if the car won’t come out of park. You see when even going to the gym is an aggravation – your tolerance for problems tends to lessen.

The car not coming out of park wasn’t really a massive surprise. We had this issue previously. Cheryl had seen this twice and I just wrote it off as user error or a one time thing and joked with her about it. She of course hasn’t let me forget this. I was in the car with her once when it happened. This of course didn’t make for a pleasant time. Then one day while I was out trying to get a multiple house wireless network running smoothly. The car decided to show me that if it was user error. Then I must be just as clueless as I teased Cheryl about being. Needless to say along with other stress that day this was the last issue I wanted to deal with. I was however able to get the car in gear at a later point.

Now I hear everyone asking why didn’t you take it to the dealership the first time around. Trust me I tried to get that point across many times. After I was almost stuck out in the country at the compound. I was sure to ask Cheryl to make an appointment with Chevy. It’s her car that she wouldn’t have if not for my Uncle David ( may he rest in peace ) and her mom. So since it’s her car I merely asked her to make sure to make the appointment and I would take the vehicle in to get it serviced. Well the phone call never got made and the appointment was never scheduled. So here we are 3 or 4 months down the road and she almost didn’t get to work today.

If not for me scouting the Chevrolet Aveo 2004 manual. She might actually still be sitting at home right now. Not really someone would have given her a ride. In the Aveo manual there is a procedure that can be followed to get the vehicle out of the shift lock mode.  I don’t have the manual in front of me right now. But it goes something like this – put the parking brake on – with the parking break enabled take the cover off the shift lock area – then place your car key in the hole – while pressing down with the key place the car into neutral – now remove the key from the hole – press down on the main brake – turn on the car and shift into the gear you want. I don’t think I missed a step there. This morning for me it didn’t fully resolve the problem. The issue became that once you did this you have to go then. Once you placed the car back into park the shift lever was again stuck. So this morning to get Cheryl to the dealership I had to go out and follow the above procedure yet again.

Now most of you would guess that the first resource I used to try and resolved our problem this morning was the internet. You would in fact be right. I did a ton of reading different websites and forums. Depending on who you listen to and the point of view they have many people consider the Chevy Aveo to be a South Korean lemon. Many people in different online forums weren’t comparing apples with apples. The fact is the Chevrolet Aveo is a subcompact economy car. Our 2004 model is a four door hatchback that gets the same exact gas mileage as our old two door Chevy Metro. Yet the Aveo offers more interior room and with the LS model more standard features. Now those features aren’t anywhere near what you would get in a Toyota Prius but they aren’t bad for a subcompact economy car.

In the end the internet was less than helpful this time around. Although I did see a few people that reported having a similar problem as what we were dealing with. None of those people offered up any solutions. Which would have been the steps I mentioned above from the owners manual. One interesting note is that the service representative at Friendly Chevrolet here in Springfield, IL stated he had never seen anyone else with this issue come into the dealership. A bit more on our experience with him in a few moments. What the internet did help me find out is that their was a recall for the 2004 Chevrolet Aveo in regards to a problem with the backseat seat belts not functioning properly. Keep in mind that no notice had been sent to us by General Motors in regards to this. According to the Friendly Chevrolet service representative our VIN number doesn’t match as being effected by this recall. He stated to Cheryl that this is an issue on a regular basis. That recalls are announced in a blanket way for a model year. Yet in many cases only certain production runs for that year model are effected by the recall.

2 thoughts on “150 dollar labor charge for a recall issue to be fixed – Chevrolet Aveo”

  1. I know it’s a long winded story, but go to the middle of it. Your situation sounds vaguely familiar.

  2. 2005 Chevy Aveo Owner

    Here what we did – Aveo was Stuck in park. Took Aveo to Dealership for repair. $130.00 Later plus free total car inspection all they did was clean it up. Said we’re good to go. Next Day – stuck in park, Aveo taken back to Dealership. Paid $38.00 later for replaced Shift Interlock Solenoid – labor free. We’re good to go. Next Day – Stuck in park again. But wait theres more – The brakes lights are not working. Damn it ! Now for research on the net – Turns out to be a faulty Brake light switch, Just unplug the switch and plug it back in.
    Fantastic – Brake lights works and Aveo stops sticking in park. Both areas are intertwined. Just Great. Time to go buy another part – Brake light switch. Also a nice communication complaint to the B.A.R.

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